baltimore wooden boat festival rafting at pierFESTIVAL RETURNS FRIDAY MAY 24th!

2024 Festival will run weekend of 24th – 26th of May

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Programme 24th-26th May 2024

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We begin our festival on Friday with a Barbeque at the Sailing Club, followed by a talk by Cormac Levis

Please Register at the festival. To save time, please print-out and fill-in this registration form!

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Harbour Orienteering Event, Saturday morning. Instructions

Wooden Boat Festival 2024 Saturday Morning Harbour Orienteering Event

This event is for:

  1. Currachs and other committed rowers, including Bantry Longboats
  2. Wooden punts with outboards and/ or Oars alone
  3. Sailing dinghies.

Participants will be given a printed photograph of the harbour from google maps, with the positions of the waypoints marked in red.
An example of such a map is shown below. The map may differ on the day of the event, given weather and wind conditions.

The waypoints will each consist of a buoy, a description of which will be given at the briefing.

Exclusion zones will also be marked. Failure to avoid an exclusion zone or failure to give way to a ferry will be deemed a retirement from this event.

The boats start at the North Pier and visit the way points in any order they choose, taking a photo at each way point. The photo should include 1/The way point buoy, 2/A crew member (Selfies OK for solo mariners!) and 3/Some identifying background.

Note: We recommend that you have a waterproof pouch for your phone!

The currachs, punts and longboats should visit all the waypoints.

The sailing boats should exclude buoys M4 and M7, i.e. it will be a shorter course for sailing boats. Boats that both row and sail should take the longer course.

The winning rowing boat and winning sailing boats will be chosen from the ones that arrive back to the sailing club with a complete set of waypoint photos. The winning boat under motor is the one that provides the most compelling photo taken at a waypoint, also showing a complete set of waypoint photos.

The photos should be sent by WhatsApp to the WhatsApp group signed-up-to at registration. This should be done at the end of the event, in one WhatsApp message per boat.

Please attend the briefing at the sailing club at 10am.

Of course, conditions on the day will dictate the running of this event.