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Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival is a celebration of the traditional timber sailing boats of Ireland.

The Festival aims to:

Celebrate the revival in traditional boat building

Encourage a local interest in the traditional wooden working boats of the area

a regular event that would forge links with lovers of wooden boats from other areas and countries

The Festival runs the last weekend in May.

We invite sailors and boat-lovers from near and far to join us in Baltimore in May for a weekend of sailing, talking, learning and partying in true West Cork style!

Run in conjunction with Baltimore Seafood Weekend, on shore there will be the best of food and drink in the restaurants and bars. In the food tents lining the pier, West Cork’s finest fish smokers, cheese makers and organic gardeners will ply their exotic, world famous wares.

Please contact us if you require more information about the Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival. We look forward to welcoming you in May.