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Asgard Talk

Erskine Childers AsgardWe are very excited to have John Kearon, Master Shipwright and Historic Vessel Conservator present the talk at the opening of this year’s festival. The presentation entitled ‘Asgard – Conserving Erskine Childers Historic Yacht‘ will take place at Baltimore Castle at 6pm on Friday 27th May.

He will provide a concise account of how Erskine Childers yacht Asgard came to be designed and built by Colin Archer, the noted Norwegian Naval Architect. He will discuss the events that caused the vessel and her owner to become inextricably linked with a most dramatic period of both European and Irish history, and examine the pathway by which the decision to have her conserved and not restored to sail came about and of the key principles involved.

The talk will mainly deal with the vessel’s conservation and restoration to original built form in a museum-led conservation context and of the related research, issues and differing paths to be considered in achieving that goal. Of particular interest will be the findings in relation to the vessel’s condition and the various processes considered and taken in striving to save as much of the damaged original build structure as possible.